General building


Steel structure, for vertical as well as horizontal elements. Foundations and basement walls of reinforced concrete.


Outside Wall formed with a 19cm ceramic block. It has an 8cm insulation placed on the outside and a plaster-coated finish inside.

Finishing outside

Areas tracked with a type X-LIGHT ceramic of 3 mm thickness with irregular cutting and areas with mortar type Weber or similar, colors have to be chosen by the project management, both are placed on the outside insulation.

Indoor spaces

Partitions interior

Between apartments, double ceramic 10cms partition, sound proof thanks to a 5 cm wool insulation stone. Between units in the same house, double plasterboard, or similar type Knauf Insulation stone wool inside. False plasterboard ceilings type Knauf or similar.


Beelevue natural oil oak parquet flooring with in all interior rooms of the apartment. Anti-slip porcelain tile flooring in outdoor areas

Interior carpentry

Entrance door to the apartments in oak color. Doors and closets consist of oak veneered or similar materials and have a lacquer finish with stainless steel. H: 2.40 m 
Interior of the closets is covered and has a upper shelf and metal bar

Exterior carpentry

Lacquered aluminium type TECHNAL of high scale, sliding and foldable, with 6 +10 + laminated glazing and thermal break aluminium anodized in graphite gray. Motorized blinds will be incorporated in the bedroom.


Plastic paint on walls and ceilings. The wet areas (baths and showers) will be coated by ceramic veneer of 3mm thickness and a type X-LIGHT colour chosen by the project management.


Thermal insulation with extruded polystyrene plates of 5cm for the ceiling basement and 8cm for the cover. Trafficable waterproof flat roofs. The intermediate floors will be provided with insulation slabs of 5cm thickness to support the underfloor heating.


Fitted kitchen with high and low furniture of the brand Bulthaup System B3 with aluminium base and countertops of 1LAN 6cm in alpine white. Supply of NEFF brand appliances.


Restroom and shower trays are of one piece Kreeon or similar materials. 
Toilets suspended with DURAVIT or similar materials. Faucets and fittings consist of GROHE or similar material.

Systems and fittings


Cross linked polyethylene PEX pipes, manifolds installed at a false ceiling in each bathroom and emergency bottom in each bathroom 
Hot water storage tank with vitrified accumulation LAPESA of 150 liter in 80 m2 apartments and 300 liters in 180 m2 apartments

Heating / air conditioning

Heating, cooling will be supplied by the hot / cold water lines from the hot / cold central thermal power of the community. Individual meters for the energy consumed in heating and cooling Under floor heating throughout the apartment. Air conditioning with ducts in living / dining rooms and via AIRLAN fan coils and duct CLIMAVER NETO in the bedrooms.

Energy and sustainability

Energy and sustainability

1. Biomass boiler

Energy and sustainability

2. Conditioning through geothermal wells

Energy and sustainability

3. Photovoltaic Solar Installation

All homes have an A rating in energy certification achieved by the fulfillment of criteria for energy and environmental sustainability in the design of the building.

Right from the architectural stage of planning, the selection of materials, design of closing systems, insulations, orientations, shading elements everything was chosen in order to minimize the demand and energy consumption.

In water management, rainwater will be collected for irrigation for the gardens. Mediterranean plants have been chosen due to their low water consumption.

Each of the apartments will be provided with under floor heating, air cooling (fan-coils) and sanitary hot water. The complex will have a heated pool and a fitness area. For the generation of thermal energy required for these areas, the maximum amount of local resources and renewable energy available and the most efficient air conditioning technology is used. The community will be supplied by a power plant based on efficient and renewable energy technologies for the production of heat and cold, which mainly consists of: A biomass boiler, which uses local, Mallorcan wood chips to generate heat, Heat pumps with geothermal wells that make use of the stability of the temperature of the sea water, to heat with maximum efficiency. A photovoltaic solar energy will provide clean electricity to the plant.

Networks of insulated pipes carry heat and cold to all homes and heated pool. Each home will be provided with two energy meters, one to measure of heat energy and another for the consumption of cooling energy, so that each owner pays the energy he or she actually consumed.

The central distribution of heat and cold will be implemented, managed and guaranteed by the energy company Gas Natural Fenosa. This is a premium multinational company specialized in this type of supplies. The company will provide the community with specialized technical personnel to ensure the proper daily functioning and good service to owners.

With our concept the following is achieved:

  • An A rating in energy certification for all properties
  • Compared to a conventional system CO2, emissions are reduced by 177 tons per year, which is equivalent to burning 53 tons of fossil fuels
  • Reduction of the individual cost of each home
  • Elimination of individual solar thermal energy installations required by Spanish regulations, obtaining greater availability of terraces, especially important on the seafront.
  • The apartments will not have complex equipment, boilers and air conditioners.
  • Managed centralized facilities maintained and guaranteed by a solid and reliable company with qualified personnel present in the community every weekday of the year
  • Remote management of the facilities and the apartments that result in a centralized service similar to a hotel.
  • Operating cost is slightly higher than a conventional single system for the first ten years, due to the amortization of the investment, but significantly lower from year ten on.

Electricity: general

Electrical installation integrated and controlled by BUS technology. The only open STANDARD for all applications in home control and building. KNX is approved as:

  • European standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1).
  • International standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3).
  • Chinese standard (GB/T 20965).
  • Northamerican standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135).

This standard is based upon more than 20 years experience in the market, including its predecessors, EIB, EHS and BatiBUS. Over 300 member companies worldwide from different application domains have almost 7000 KNX certified product groups in their catalogues. KNX Association has partnership agreements with more than 35,000 installer companies in 120 countries, more than 90 universities and over 250 training centres.

Protection box The protection box includes protections for each of the circuits, KNX actuators for control of all systems and elements.

Weather Station Community weather station community provides each apartment with data related to rain, wind and brightness.

Mechanisms The mechanisms brand is Berker, K1 model.

Touch Screen Each room (bedroom, living / dining room and kitchen) is provided touch screen to control and programme functions, scenes, lighting, air conditioning, heating, curtains, timers, ACS, etc.. One of the screens can be accessed by a Smartphone or a computer in order to control general parameters regarding scenes, lights, air conditioning, heating, curtains, timers, ACS, etc.. from the outside)

Motion detectors> The illumination of closets and crossing sites will be controlled by motion detectors for comfort.

Television network Network television channels available in two international satellites.

Data Network Each apartments has a data network for Internet services, IP telephony, interactive TV, etc...

Telephone Network Prepared for telephones in all bedrooms, the kitchen and living rooms.

Security Provision for security system.

Intercom: The intercom call can be received on a Smartphone, both inside and outside. (You need internet access to receive the call out of the house

Other specifications

  • Individualized programming and control via touch screen.
  • Lighting Implemented by LED lighting technology
  • Regulated lighting in living room and master bedroom.
  • Control programmable by owner
  • Conventional pushbuttons.
  • Motion detectors in hallways, closets, pantries and closets for automatic on and off.
  • Twilight control by community weather station.
Heating / air conditioning:
  • Individual control by each household via touchscreen
  • Inclusion in general spaces of the apartment
  • Individual control by each household via touchscreen
  • Inclusion in general accomandation of the house
  • Individual control by each household via touchscreen
  • Inclusion in general spaces of the apartment
  • Temperature monitoring and control via general touchscreen .


Complete control via a web server:

  • Although domestic electrics and systems can already be controlled by smartphone, there is also the option to control everything centrally via a web server