Electricity: general

functioning and good service to owners.

With our concept the following is achieved:

An A rating in energy certification for all properties
Compared to a conventional system CO2, emissions are reduced by 177 tons per year, which is equivalent to burning 53 tons of fossil fuels
Reduction of the individual cost of each home
Elimination of individual solar thermal energy installations required by Spanish regulations, obtaining greater availability of terraces, especially important on the seafront.
The apartments will not have complex equipment, boilers and air conditioners.
Managed centralized facilities maintained and guaranteed by a solid and reliable company with qualified personnel present in the community every weekday of the year
Remote management of the facilities and the apartments that result in a centralized service similar to a hotel.
Operating cost is slightly higher than a conventional single system for the first ten years, due to the amortization of the investment, but significantly lower from year ten on.
Electricity: general
Electrical installation integrated and controlled by BUS technology. The only open STANDARD for all applications in home control and building. KNX is approved as:

European standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1).
International standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3).
Chinese standard (GB/T 20965).
Northamerican standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135).
This standard is based upon more than 20 years experience in the market, including its predecessors, EIB, EHS and BatiBUS. Over 300 member companies worldwide from different application domains have almost 7000 KNX certified product groups in their catalogues. KNX Association has partnership agreements with more than 35,000 installer companies in 120 countries, more than 90 universities and over 250 training centres.

Protection box The protection box includes protections for each of the circuits, KNX actuators for control of all systems and elements.

Weather Station Community weather station community provides each apartment with data related to rain, wind and brightness.

Mechanisms The mechanisms brand is Berker, K1 model.

Touch Screen Each room (bedroom, living / dining room and kitchen) is provided touch screen to control and programme functions, scenes, lighting, air conditioning, heating, curtains, timers, ACS, etc.. One of the screens can be accessed by a Smartphone or a computer in order to control general parameters regarding scenes, lights, air conditioning, heating, curtains, timers, ACS, etc.. from the outside)

Motion detectors> The illumination of closets and crossing sites will be controlled by motion detectors for comfort.

Television network Network television channels available in two international satellites.

Data Network Each apartments has a data network for Internet services, IP telephony, interactive TV, etc…

Telephone Network Prepared for telephones in all bedrooms, the kitchen and living rooms.

Security Provision for security system.

Intercom: The intercom call can be received on a Smartphone, both inside and outside. (You need internet access to receive the call out of the house

Other specifications
Individualized programming and control via touch screen.
Lighting Implemented by LED lighting technology
Regulated lighting in living room and master bedroom.
Control programmable by owner
Conventional pushbuttons.
Motion detectors in hallways, closets, pantries and closets for automatic on and off.
Twilight control by community weather station.
Heating / air conditioning:
Individual control by each household via touchscreen
Inclusion in general spaces of the apartment
Individual control by each household via touchscreen
Inclusion in general accomandation of the house
Individual control by each household via touchscreen
Inclusion in general spaces of the apartment
Temperature monitoring and control via general touchscreen .
Complete control via a web server:

Although domestic electrics and systems can already be controlled by smartphone, there is also the option to control everything centrally via a web server